Michael J. Green - Portfolio of Edit Work

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Refuah Health Center Orientation: Compassion
One of three videos written and produced for the Refuah Health Center in New York, for use in their employee orientation program.

Musical Chairs: Behind the Scenes
An excerpt from behind-the-scenes videos for the DVD release of Susan Seidelman's Musical Chairs. I produced 4 videos totaling 20 minutes, along with DVD art and functionality.

ACS Patient: Health Care Worker

Produced for an Astra-Zeneca event, aimed at doctors and nurses treating acute
coronary syndrome.

Standby: Trailer Revisions
This Irish film was bought for US distribution. The original trailer needed to be edited to meet MPAA approval, and the distributor felt that the ending was not working. I made major revisions to the airport scene and fashioned a new ending, with a new music cue and more uplifting climax.

Dahlia Divin: Alicia Keys Launch Party
Short video highlighting the launch party for new fragrance headlined by Alicia Keys, produced for Givenchy.

Y-3 - 1 min sizzle
Excerpt of Y-3's 2012 fashion show.

Beinfield Architecture Promo

A sizzle reel for the work of architect Bruce Beinfield, produced in After Effects, for Silver Creative Group.